Smart Repair Prices

  Repair:      Retail
Spot repairs on Body Panel from £105.00
Body Wing Scuff from £139.00
Mop & Machine Polish all flat surfaces from £105.00
Mop & touch in front/rear quarter panel from £45.00
Touch in front end stone chips from £32.00
Front grill – Repaint from £48.00
Diamondbrite from £249.00
Bumper Full Repair & Paint from £132.00
Bumper Scuff – Colour Coded from £100.00
Bumper Scuff – Black/Grey Textured from £74.00
Wing Mirror Scuff – Colour Coded from £48.00
Wing Mirror Scuff – Textured from £38.00
Alloy Wheel Repair (per wheel) from £58.00
Repair & Paint Wheel Trims (per wheel) from £13.20

AlloyWheel Repairs are guaranteed for 12 months
Bodywork Smart Repairs are guaranteed for 24 months

Where paintwork is to be partially renewed, we will endeavour to match the original colour. If we are painting metalwork which has signs of rust, we will follow our usual rustproofing procedures, which generally prevent further rust penetration. In neither case however can we offer any guarantee.